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Jumat, 14 Juni 2013

Netherlands and Everton defender Heitinga has heard many stories about Indonesia


Sumber Goal.Com Singapore

By Khalis Rifhan and Donny Afroni

The Everton defender will be traveling to the place of his ancestors' birth with the Netherlands squad, having heard many stories about it
Netherlands defender John Heitinga is very much looking forward to the national team's impending tour of Asia in June, where he will set foot in the country of his ancestors’ birthplace.
Heitinga feels that his visit to Indonesia will have a special meaning to it, he told ELF Voetbal.
“Playing in Jakarta will be beautiful and I have heard lots about Indonesia from my grandfather," he explained.
“Hearing stories from my grandfather, Indonesia is a heaven, especially the weather. Two years ago, he went to Indonesia and visited several places, which he still remembers.
“My parents are divorced and I lived with my grandparents and we eat rice instead of potatoes.
“This will be a special journey for me. We may not be facing the best teams in the world but I am sure the welcome reception by the fans will be great.”
There is no doubting Heitinga's desire to visit Indonesia as the Everton player has previously tweeted messages to his fans in the Indonesian language.
The Oranje will visit the Southeast Asia country to face the Garuda at the Gelora Bung Karno Stadium on June 7, before traveling to China for a friendly there four days later.

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